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For the past 8 years now I have switched up my brand and never really have been satisfied with none of the changes but I knew one thing was for sure and that was I just wanted to create and document my journey along the way. For years, my photography and blog have been two separate brands but I always felt that both were more than just me but an experience that is worth sharing. Until today, I have morphed my photography and blog into one brand... my self-brand, Sanniyah Sloan. 

As photographer, blogger, and content creator, I want to push those limits of creativity with others and work along side with brands and other creatives. We all want a seat at the table and I want all of us to win while we all explore the world of curiosity. As I push myself more into the spotlight sharing everything that is me and my truths. Hopefully I inspire others just as much as others have inspired me to "just do it" and not look back. You have to live your best life, why not share and learn with others. 


So who am I?

read about my many interests and goals i'm going to accomplish.


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