A Re-Introduction......

I have changed blogs more than I can count and with each one I truly believe I lost insight with each and every one of them. So what's a girl to do when that happens? You take a break and so I did.

Before I took this break of mines, I contacted Kat over at A City Jane to help me create blog design that's more me. Needless to say I was more than happy with the design and her willingness to help me out. Very professional and way beyond talented. I'm slowly but surely moving into graphic design but I think i'll stick to my expertise with photography and now videography. Thank You Kat again for helping a sista out, I really can't think you enough. 

Ok so I have this bomb blog design but what would my approach be? What will make my blog different from others on the blog sphere? Among other questions that pondered in my head and reading advice posts from other well known bloggers, the main thing that is consistent with all is to be yourself. Let me clarify..... with my other blogs I wasn't less of being myself but my writing content was. It wasn't me and thats why I kept with the frequent changes and the long periods without blogging. I love fashion but I'm not up on "stylish trends" like that, I like what suits me. I'm all about being healthy but to give advice about to go about it, I couldn't tell you because everyone's journey is different. 

Starting over fresh and new, I can only promise my readers is me nothing more nothing less and just a whole lot of fun times, cool pictures, and dope travels. I don't have a posting schedule and probably won't have one anytime soon and who knows, maybe i'll do my posting consistently on certain days and not even know it. It has happened may times. My only aim with this blog is to document, share, connect, and create with like minded individuals and as pinky always ask brain what are we doing today? same thing we do everyday, try to take over the world..... in a positive way though lol. Grab your coffee and/or tea and stay awhile.

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