Detoxing Your Life

We go through a lot in life. The different challenges, the journey, our relationships and friendships, etc. We meet new people and along the way we grow distant of others. I was contemplating on if I should write this post or not for this is more than a "detox" for me but more so therapeutic. June 8th, 2015 was the official launch of my blog and even though I was hoping to have more blog posts up, I ended up going through some things that threw me for a loop and still has some side effects on me. Speaking of relationships, mines came to an end a couple weeks back. I was hurt, confused, ..... did I mention I was hurt? Yea all of those emotions bundled all into one and I didn't know how to express how I felt then and some what now but I only hope to get better. I'm slowly but surely taking things slow I mean it is a process. During my unexpected intermission I've done and still have been doing a lot of thinking. Ways to make myself a better person, to improve my well being, just ways on how I can be a better me than I was yesterday.

There is no such thing as being "perfect" this I'm starting know. My friend suggested that I should do a life detox and finally clear up something in my life. It's time to let go, forgive, forget, and move on. 

But how does one go about doing a life detox?

oo1. Me Time- Having time to yourself is so important in all aspects of life. During many stages in my life I can tell in which ways I have changed from going to the girl who always wanted to around people, to the girl who calmed down and don't mind a casual putting here and there, down to I just want some me time which I never really got enough of and since I have had plenty of it I have had a lot of time to think on goals and different aspirations I have for myself in the near future. 

oo2. Write in a journal- Keeping a journal has literally kept me sane because I'm not good at expressing myself verbally towards other people. Where this habit came about, I have no idea but it has hurt me in more ways than one and also hurt me from a lot of opportunities as well. If your like me and talking it out isn't quite your thing, I suggest keep a journal.

oo3. Clean up house- "Cleaning up house" can mean different things, from the people in your life to just cleaning up declutter around you and starting fresh. A friend of mines who also does photographer feels that cleaning up his external hard drives gives him a way of life or to create more anyways but it works for him. For me, it's been a number of things from my room, to my closet, social media, etc. 

oo4. Become active- Becoming active doesn't have to mean physically, it can be mentally and spiritually as well. Challenge your mind to learn new things. Something I started last year a little after my birthday was to start dabbling into graphic design and videography. My major is Mass Communications and I want to learn every aspect of it as much as possible, so I'm a sponge trying to grasp everything as much as possible.

oo5. Get up, get out, & do something- Kinda in relation to Outkast's song, it's true. Get up, get out, and do something regardless of what it is just have fun doing it and invite some friends too while your at it. The more the merrier.

What are some of your tips for detoxing your life?    

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