Hello July | Monthly Goals

I'm late... yes i know but better late than never. Just 6 more months until 2015 ends and it's still so much to do oh and I hope everyone had a awesome 4th of July. Summer school is slowly but surely coming to an end and I will soon enter in my last year of college. With that being said it, I have 6 months to get some things in order and I would love to share.

  • GET ACTIVE - This is easier said then done for a lot of us but a friend and I promised that we would get more active for she had a little bit of a health scare. Life seriously does get in the way of things but it's up to us to stay on track. We were doing good for a while then we stopped  but we are hoping to pick back up the habit really soon, like in a week or two soon. I keep you updated.
  • PLAN FOR THE 2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR - I'll be entering into my last year and next year May I'll have an Associates in Mass Communication with a minor in photography. So I'm getting a head start in playing for my portfolio next spring, which I thought was kind of crazy because I thought you had to do this when your getting BA but none the less it's actually pretty exciting too so planning for that has officially begun. Idk if I will continue my education from here because I am seriously tired of schools and I want to pursue other ventures as well. I'll update on that later on.
  • LASTY, GET AHEAD WITH BLOG POSTS - I launched the blog June 8th, 2015. I'm just not updating with a new blog post. Not how I wanted to started, so I will do better!

So what do you guys plan on working on this month?

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