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Last night I realized that that is was the first of the month. August has came so quickly and summer is just flying by but I can't tell a lie that I am looking forward to fall/winter and the fashion sense. Thigh high boots, timberlands, and cute sweaters I'm ready for you to fill my closet *insert happy face*. I also just rapped up summer school and these little two weeks are much needed before the new school year kicks and I'm so looking forward to May 2016 already. A new month comes new goals which I'm gladly to share and hear about yours too.

So last month my goals were to become more active than I was before, the prepare for the 2015-2016 school year, and getting better at planning my blog posts for the blog. Well I completed two out of the three and you guessed working out wasn't one of them. But no worries, I do have to take a physical education class that I waited until the last year to take so I'm sure I'll be getting my work out then. Now on to these goals.

  • BUILDING PORTFOLIO/ WEBSITE- So the last year is here and for one of my classes I already got the scoop that we have to build a portfolio before we graduate and also gets up prepared for entering into the digital media program. I have already started connecting with other to help model or contribute and vise versa their projects.
  • CREATE A SCHEDULE BALANCE- Classes don't start until Aug 17th and I plan on enjoying this little two weeks but in the mean time when classes do start I need to come up with a schedule where I can balance work and school evenly. I work overnight and have classes during the day so it's quite backwards and this will be a test to see how well I can handle it.
  • CREATE BUDGET FOR 2015-2016- I always spend the most money when school is in session and since I'm trying to buy other equipment and lenses to my collection some stuff I gotta cut out, curve the spending and find other cheaper ways to save. 

What are your goals for the month of August? If you have any tips on budgeting I'm all ears.

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