Forever 21 Mini Haul

Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend. I figure I would share some of my pick ups for the fall/winter season since fall is right around the corner I'm like like most of us females we can't wait to add some staple pieces to our fall/winter wardrobe. I'm more of basics jean and shirt type of gyal with a little pop of color here and there but nothing too much. I even my sneakers and timberlands as much as I enjoy my heels even though it seems I don't get to dress up as much but hey I can't ever say I don't have "anything" to wear. This part of this mini haul are just some simple things I picked up from forever 21 since they were having a sale online for some of their jackets before they go back to regular price I definitely had to take advantage of the sale while it lasted.

I only picked up three things from which was this bomber jacker in black, this tan tote, and a basic black crop top. I notice that when I shop, I'm being more practical in my spending. I'm not just buying things just for the hell of it, I'm buying items because I plan on actually wearing them. Yeah I was that girl back in the day who just went shopping because it made me feel good but never wore anything I bought so talk about a waste of money but as I older I notice that my style changed over time and that I have became pretty basic or the new term I prefer a very "minimal" wardrobe and I like it. So this is just part one of my mini fall/winter haul as I just pick up certain pieces as I go along and I plan to share.

What are some of your "must haves" for this fall/winter season?

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