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September your here already? and Fall I see yo coming around that corner. No seriously it's kinda crazy how September just crept on me like that but any who it's another month to set some goals to accomplish. I'm already half way through with one of my classes that ends in Oct and I couldn't be happier and my other two start on September 8th. I didn't realize I signed up for a mini semester class until the day of and by that time it was too late to switch it to a full semester class, so lately I have been literally busting my butt to keep up in it. I can't help but think about what some basic fashion essentials I need for this upcoming fall/winter this year. I have really toned down on the shopping due too I rarely go anywhere but there are still a couple of staple pieces I would like to pick up. I did some recent online shopping on Forever 21 first and I'll be sharing those finds in a later post coming soon. 

In my August Goals post, I'm so happy to say that I pretty much knocked out everything single thing I wanted to accomplish...... my portfolio website is still underway but at least I have started on it just waiting on a few things and some new work that I can add. Creating the budget and schedule for myself I thought was going to be very hard but ironically it turned out to be quite easy and now the main thing is to maintain and stick to it, which brings me to some goals for September.

  • FINISHING UP SCHEDULED SHOOTS/ OTHER FREELANCE WORK- I've been planning to add to my portfolio for school/personal users. Since I have officially came out of my social media hiatus of 3 months, I've recently posted some shots of my recent photoshoot  on Instagram with one of my good friends and I have received a lot of inquires about shoots and I'm way too excited and honored at the same time. Don't call it a come back =D
  •  CREATE MORE BLOG CONTENT- Believe it or not I have a couple of drafts just sitting in my back office waiting to be completed and read by you all. I'm going to take time out to finish those up and I finally can began creating some consistent content around here.
  • FINISH CLEANING OUT THE OLD THINGS- This talks about many different things from clothes down to cleaning out old external drives among some other things. I didn't do much spring cleaning but since then I have accumulated more things that I don't need then the things that I do need. 

Someone asked me your goals don't seem that big where you need a whole month to complete them. And you know, your right but knowing the type of person I am, I'm a perfectionist and everything has to be done right or close to it as much as possible. I like to take my time and not put so much of a big restraint on myself when it comes to my goals.

But enough about my rambling, have any September goals? what are they?

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