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Uhhh what up October!! Just only 3 more months until the end of 2015 and it is really hitting me like wow 2016 will be here before we even know and I'm not going to lie I have been kinda slacking on somethings but improving in others. I decided to put some things off until the new year so I can focus on stuff that needs more of my attention. I'm going to keep this post short and simple.

  • Booking, editing, networking, etc. - So not in no particular order but between classes and going to small networking events and reaching out to people on IG or other social platforms, I'm just about booked for October. Only a selected number because I don't want to over whelm myself but I want to see just about much of a work load I can take on at a time and balance of it all.
  • Finish fall semester with a bang- easier said then done, but so far so good..... hmmm pray for me lol
  • Donating and volunteering- I have the crazy idea in my head to be on the pursuit of kindness. Not to say I'm not kind but to not say and just do, so I plan donating and volunteering and these this "idea" of mines...... that's another post for another day.
  • Lastly, DETOXING!!!!- So the last time I detox was last year sometime and my body felt wonderful.... light but great and I was putting myself on a good eating schedule and of course I fell off the wagon a little. Now with my brother getting a gym membership and he bring a guest he choose me to be his workout partner lol, so remember those July/August goals about me wanting to work out? Welp here is my chance. yea pray for me on that too. And we both plan on detoxing and creating a meal plan for us both so this is exciting and should be pretty interesting.
So cheers to October being good to all of us since I know September did some of my bloggers boos wrong but no need to dwell. 

And of course I have to know some your monthly goals? Share them with me!

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