Hello 28

So today is my birthday.... normally someone like myself should be happy maybe even jumping for joy but I don't know it just seems like another day to me. Is it because I'm just 2 years shy of hitting my dirty 30? Or I just feel like I should be in a different place in my life? Maybe married with kids or even in my career of choice, well what I can say is 2015 was definitely my year of "firsts".

As "Back in Day" is on repeat today literally I remember days of why I couldn't wait to be a grown up and I now understand when grown ups say cherish your youth now. While I'm not in a completely slump about my bday I must say I am blessed to see 28 years of life and just thankful for all of those around me new and old friends. Thankful for the experiences I have experienced and those that taught me important lessons not to mention ones I have yet to learn. no matter a what age life itself is just a learning process and that's something that just dawned on me. 

With 2015 ending in like two months I have already made plans on how to make 2016 my best year to date for which I am claiming it and I won't be waiting until Jan 1 to start and some of things I have already started to make good practice and create a good habit of. As of today I will enjoy and appreciate the little things in life I have been blessed with and continue to strive and always aim for more as for I know that possibilities are endless. 

Today I was going to post my November goals but I'll post that up later on this week I mean hey it is my birthday. Happy November everyone!!

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