Hello November | Monthly Goals

Oh November you came so quick!

I started this mostly differently instead of doing my monthly goals first, I did an ode to myself for my birthday and mentioned I would post my goals in another post... well here it is. This won't be too long and just pretty much getting straight to the point.

  • Finish this semester strong/ register for spring semester- Pretty self explanatory, with this semester coming to an end literally the end of this month and I'm almost done registering for spring semester on;y if they can just go ahead and open two classes that I NEED in order to graduate. I'm literally losing my edges here. *not really but close to it.
  • Continue to clean out closet and donate/sell clothes- So my closet is full of clothes I've never worn before or the ones I just don't clearly wear anymore, so they have to go. Some I have donated and some I paid good money for and you know the old saying "another women's trash, and another women's treasure".... I so definitely re-phrased that quote to fit the situation. Maybe I'll do a "blog sale"??? Hmmm we shall see.
  • Change is coming... to the blog- So I'll be doing a little re-vamp to this blog.... nothing major but just some minor changes. So this maybe the last post until that's done or I have one more before the changes commence. 
I just want to say thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday, all the wishes and support was so encouraging and heart felt and I couldn't be anymore grateful for great friends new and old, family, and my blogger boos which I look forward to meeting a lot of you in the near future. Goal for 2016 isn't bad at all. 

What are some of your monthly goals? 

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