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I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and welcome back to my blog. These past couple of months I've been working with Kat from drenaftkat and she is truly amazing when it comes to helping me bringing my vision to life. Luckily we have the same taste in aesthetics and that's what definitely made this branding process so much easier.


(logo designed by Kat)

If anything as a graphic designer, photographer, or any other creative title its important to make sure you and your "click" well together before doing any kind of project because if not your asking for trouble. I have learned the hard way and seen it happen to others. Money is good, a plus when you and your clients share the same vision but you may come across those that share that same vision it's ok to say no, protecting your brand is what's more important.

Now on to the website. Seriously I really can't wait until everything comes together and I can "officially" be open for business so stay tuned for the official launch, I just might do a giveaway for a "FREE" shoot.

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