Life Lately 02 | The New Year

Its currently 2:36 am on a Monday night/morning and I'm at work. It's kinda warm but who knows what's going on with this GA weather. I'm tried and I'm ready to go the hell home. I've been cussed out by two customers already because they feel that they were over charged and I feel over worked, so what's your point? It finally slows down and my co-worker and I talk about 2016 and how it has came so quick and share highlights of our 2015.

I can honestly say 2015 I have had 3 of the best teachers, heart break, being broke, and my failures. These 3 things I let hold me back from so much this year that I have missed out on a lot of opportunities. A lot that I have lived with so much regret and hatred within my heart and self that I completely isolated myself from everyone and everything. Their was a time I didn't even want to shoot anything when people would call me, their were plenty of times that I didn't want to go out with friends because I just didn't feel upbeat about anything that was going on. I believe I had more arguments with my mom that it shifted our relationship for awhile but I wasn't talking. I wasn't communicating with others on how I felt and I kept it bottled in which only made things worst.

This isn't another "new year, new me" post but just simply writing and letting out so much frustration I have had bottled up over the past couple of months and with entering into 2016 I don't want to carry anything type feelings, regret, etc with me. I won't say I have any goals to keep because life happens and plans get derailed but I just want to become a better me and continue to improve my life and others around me. 

I hope you all have a Happy New Year and continue to be safe and let's see where my journey takes me for the new year coming. Love you guys!

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