Hello December | Monthly Goals

December is here... 22 days until Christmas and 28 more days until 2016 I must say time has really flown by. I'm pretty sure you are familiar with my monthly goals post right about now and if your new to my blog welcome and thank you for stopping by my little space. Let's get into it shall we 

*sips coffee and pulls out notebook*

  • Finish up the website- As some of may have read my other post of my photography branding I'm so happy that things are finally starting to come together and at good time. With pretty much the fall semester ending I already sent out emails to being the booking process for people who have inquired about photography services and December is real good..... I mean real good!!
  • Invest in point & shoot camera- So for a while I thought about opening a youtube channel to display some vlogs and this goes in hand with one of my classes I have to take next semester where we have to have some platform to display our work for our digital media class so why not kill two first with one stone and it my school/person project. Yes I just need a smaller camera because DSLR is way to big.
  • Prepare for 2016- Like i said 28 more days until 2016 is here and I'm trying to hit the road running and I'm ready to take my brand to new heights, with that being said expect a lot of new and exciting things for 2016 =D.
A short but sweet monthly goals nothing major. Of course I gotta know what are some of your monthly goals. so care to share?

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