Hello January | Monthly Goals

Uhhh well hello 2016! 

A muted needed blog break was exactly what I needed and now i'm back more motivated and a little bit more focused. Don't hold it against me I just have so much on my mind right, but good things though. Anyways, in 2016 I still wanted to keep the monthly goals going just as a self reminded to myself and for those that may want to share or give input. I'm all about wanting to receive advice from others, I mean that's how we learn and know new things right? But I have a couple of things up my sleeve for this year so mostly stay tuned but in the meantime lets get into some of these goals.

  • Spring Semester is GRIND TIME!!!!- So with this being my most toughest semester yet and especially after this semester and summer school I'll be done, I've been really in deep thought about how I can truly stay motivated and not get so discouraged so easily. Better yet how can I create better study habits, time management, and just in general not to freak the hell out. Advice is more appreciated or any tips on what my other fellow college students do.
  • Blog and Website planning...... Youtube maybe??- I hate scheduled posts yet alone writing everything out before hand. I can't tell you how many drafts I have just saved up lol. But I will try my best to manage my blog, school, work, and doing my photography on the side. Oh yea, I created a youtube channel. Yes you read right! More so for travel vlogs since I do have some trips coming up and maybe for some other experiments but most definitely subscribe to my channel By Sanniyah Sloan. I gotta say this should be interesting because I hate being in front of the camera but I am experimenting a little bit with my creativity which I definitely can't wait to share. Oh and the website..... so it's totally up but I do have a landing page up where you can still book me through stop by www.sanniyahsloan.com
  • Continue on the right track of budgeting- So I have already started this process since last year but it's nothing like a reminder for the new year to make sure you stay on the right track.
I know I always say it's not that many goals but it's a lot to me especially since I'm the master of procrastination in some areas. 

but any who what are some of your monthly goals? share with me below!

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