Life Lately 03 | time management

I had been a little quite around this blog but for good reasoning I promise. I've been focused on balancing work and school and personal projects on the side and blogging has been put on the back burner. Not intentional, but kinda of happened like that. Oh and then I got sick. Don't you just love life woes? 

One thing I can say I have learned about this little break is that, TIME and MONEY speaks volumes. My time is precious and shouldn't be fooled around with and I now realize you have to put your foot down and turn away certain people and things if it doesn't benefit you at all. I too, have a life just like everyone else and I can't just drop what I'm doing just to do something you need me to do yet alone if it's not a paid gig, on to my next subject.......

Now money....... well money is something we all want to make and is definitely something that we all need and when it comes to doing projects for certain people sometimes I won't charge because I understand of how I started up, I didn't get paid right off the back.... this was my first mistake to let this keep going and now these exactly same people expect that "free" service all the time. So i had to stop it and turn them away because it wasn't benefiting me at all. 

To all of my freelancers in whatever creative outlet you work hard in, I would love to hear some of your point of views about how you transitioned into from doing free work to now getting paid for your services? Please share your comments below.

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