Dealing with Acne

Over the past couple of months I've been battling with a large breakout with acne and it just seems like my routine just wasn't doing it for me anymore so I switched up. It got worst and seemed to spread even more to my chest and I have just about had it. Then I took the cliché route and tried Proactive. Man oh man, that stuff is a rip off and didn't work well for me anyways.

I see why having health insurance is important for times like these where I'm not paying a crazy price to just to get evaluated about my skin or any other heath problems. I went to see a dermatologist almost 3 weeks ago now and she prescribed me some acne treatment medicine that will hopefully start to clear up my acne. Three weeks into using the products I really did start to notice a change in my skin. My acne started clearing up and I'm starting to see some of my acne scaring go away too.

When starting this journey, my main concern was my body acne that has spread to my chest area that made me a little bit uncomfortable wearing certain tops that have a low cut. But slowly I'm starting to notice it clear up a little too. Sometime last year I wrote a post about my skin care routine and I'm amazed how it changed in just a couple of months, but when I noticed my current products weren't working for me having very little effect I knew that I needed to switch up and/or actually go see why my skin is going haywire.

Here is my new current skincare routine as follows:
  • Olay Lotion
  • Aveeno Face Wash
  • Pure Vitamine E Oil- I apply this at night before bed.
  • Lush Lip Scrub | Bon Bon
  • Ziana Gel- Prescribed by my dermatologist
  • Spin for perfect skin facial brush
As I started writing this post, I should have did the "before and after" but I didn't have any intention on sharing this experience at all but I can definitely tell a difference in my skin. I still have a long way to go but I'm definitely happy with the results I'm getting so far.

What are some of your "to go's" for dealing with acne?

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