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So for the past couple of weeks or month to be technical I have been very MIA. There is no reason for me missing in action but to be honest at one point I didn't feel like blogging then classes started kicking my butt with all these short deadlines then midterms came along and see I just couldn't couldn't my life together. But in the meantime during my unintentional hiatus I have done a lot go brainstorming for my blog and my youtube channel and if you haven't already subscribe now.

I figure I would try something a little different with my "monthly goals" that I have been sharing for the past couple of months. I want to be more engaging with you guys and if anything a little bit more open than what I have been. I believe when it comes to blogging it's the best platform for me to learn something new by engaging with you guys. When people comment on my blog, I take those comments as well given advice that always stays with me it's not just any other comment to me. So with that being said I am changing the name from 

In the beginning of the new year I saw many people post their word for 2016. Now this being a great idea and I was all aboard but I couldn't settle for just one to describe my year for 2016. So I've decided to take all those words and have a word for each month that I'm going to practice and live by.

So the word for this month is phenomenal- (adjective) very remarkable ; extraordinary.

Mind- Unplug from everything social media wise until 12pm.

I'm sure this is everyone's routine when they first wake up, we roll over and check that phone of ours and sometimes we may get so consumed we will be there laying for an hour and not realizing. Yea i vowed that this has to stop and it can't continue to become one of daily morning rituals. So far, so good I've been doing a good job of unplugging and going to the measures of even signing out of FB, Twitter, IG, and anything else until 12pm then I check back into the social media world. I'm doing for more reasons than one and it's too just get shit done before I do anything else that is well you know irrelevant.

Body- Walking three times a day without the phone.

So when I was talking to my friend about this, he was like what are you going to listen too? At first it didn't hit me until later and I was like, "yea so what am I going to listen too?" music wise to make this short, but I've been on the lookout for a iPod as a back up alternative to my iPhone where I do have all my music stored on.

Soul- Creating a schedule and sticking with it.

Easier said then done, but this isn't impossible either. I don't have to have some extra long list to keep my busy, I need a schedule to keep me sane and not all over the place. With school coming to end this will be more manageable to keep tabs on everything I do.

What are some of your goals you wish to share for this month?

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