Life Lately 04 | the blogging blues

So it's been very quit around this side of the web and simply put it I've hit some blogging blues. I haven't been feeling much like blogging lately. Not that I don't feel I have anything to blog about but just that I have been lazy, unmotivated, and uninspired to do anything. It's been pretty much of a domino effect. Taking it back a couple of weeks I decided to pick up a more shifts to start saving towards a few things for my own side businesses to get a couple of new camera lenses, prepare for this switch to wordpress, get a another small camera for my youtube, just overall invest in my passion a little more then what I have been. 

As a photographer every one in while I get this creative block like it's hard to shake loose and a couple of days later it goes away and I feel that I'm able to create again. When it comes to blogging I have been lazy to crack open this macbook of mines and open up blogger and just begin to type away. 

Last month I celebrated my one year of blogging under by sanniyah sloan. For most don't celebrate one year and for some they do. As much as I wanted to do a giveaway and such because this is the first time in my blogging career I stuck with a name for now longer than a year I wanted to celebrate with you guys.... but on the other I feel that I failed my readers with the lack of posting and just decided to not really get into the who celebrating mood.

Am I going through a hard time in life right now? Nope I'm feeling good just hit another one of those creative blocks and downing my brand again but who doesn't do that from time to time? I've always had this thought that I had to consistently switch up my brand when in all reality all I need to do is believe in it as much as I do and not be scared to share with others. For years friends and family never knew about side ventures because I felt that they would't understand.... while some laughed, got some of the side jokes here and there but I feel even more relieved that 

1. Now people know what I LOVE to do and they are aware
2. I now know who really supports me vs. the ones who don't
3. lastly, generally coming out and letting people i'm a creative at heart and they can either take it or leave it.

I have those kind of friends and family that feel that the "creative lifestyle" is no way to live and you can't survive off of it. This is where my unmotivated and uninspired thoughts came from. Yes this lifestyle is a struggle but I seriously can't think of any other way to live if I can create even if it's part time which is what I do anyways. I juggle many hats and those hats I'm very proud of.  

To end this post I will do better as a blogger and I really can't wait to get some things finally rolling here. Other than that....... what are some ways that you guys keep yourself motivated?

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