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Oh July you have really kicked off this month! I'm sure we all have seen the news with series of events going on and as the black community we are in out feelings which we should be. I can't honestly say I have never had my head spin so much of what's going on in the world today. I haven't been blogging much because to be honest I feel that I have lost my way a little.... with blogging, with photography, with everything I wanted to take my brand. Or let's just say I feel that I lost my creative spark to blog, shoot, and just create in general. I'm sure it will ignite again but in due time I've have continued to just keep practicing my craft and picking up new ones.

The word for this month is:
patience- (noun) the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

For my mind, body, & soul goals I have kept it simple and clumped them all together for this month. Just like my word for the month patience my mind, body, and soul needs to learn and practice patience. Patience is essential to everything and I've started to realize that. If you asked my what I considered to be one of my worst flaws it would be that I think too much on the things that don't matter with it comes to mind, body - I have never really been that confident is certain things that I wear and people are shocked to know this when I tell them. Body image effects everyone. When it comes to soul, my walk with GOD will be tested and patience is key when your praying. A lot of things aren't going to come when you want it no matter how hard you pray for it. Missed or lost opportunities aren't aways bad and it takes patience and hard work to get to the next level.

In other news, last month was my 1 year anniversary of my blog. I didn't celebrate because I feel that I did a horrible job of blogging these past couple of months, but I'm going to be my fellow blogger boo's approach Setarra and blog like no one is watching. Also as I finally prepare my move over to wordpress things around here might look a little weird but I promise it won't be for long just bare with me, I'm going to try this process once again.

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