Hello January | 2016 in Review


An update is more than overdue and I have no idea where to start or begin so bare with me but first let me say I hope everyone had a awesome holiday season!

Last time I blogged was in July now fast forward to November to my birthday I am now 29 years old and still look 18, the semester is coming to an end and I couldn't be even more happier...... I NEED A BREAK! Especially after the election it's a real hard pill to swallow so I'm sure a lot of people took a mental health day off, seriously I think we all needed it. But I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving so let's get into it.....

The word for this month is:
Faith- (noun) complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

As far as my mind, body, & soul goals, I'm share some updates instead as these all consist what is currently occupying my time at the moment.

So let's talk about a short review of 2016..........

Am I the only one who feels some type of way about the election? It's now done and over with so what can we learn from it and how do we move on from it?

Thanksgiving and Christmas I usually don't celebrate but for some reason I loved the holiday spirit which was definitely needed especially the way 2016 has took us through hell and back.

ALOT of my friends have gotten engaged this year and I couldn't be more happier and it just also reassures that true love does exist and people actually do believe in the power of marriage.

Since my birthday, I've been doing a lot of thinking on how to make the most out this last year of my 20's before I hit that "dirty 30" as most would call it. I realized I'm not living life to the fullest like I should be.

Becoming more active with my social media outlets. Something that needs to be worked on when it comes to blogging and photographer. The photo above are my 2016 best nine according to Instagram.

February I should be back on track with the monthly mind, body, & soul goals. I didn't how much you guys loved those especially the word of the month. I think I will a monthly playlist too via Spotify and update it as the month goes and tweet about it if any news has been added.

I want to share more photography ideas, skills, recommendations, and maybe even reviews. For those who don't know I am #teamcanon lol.

VLOGS!!!!! I think these are going to start coming next year as I have a couple of trips planned. Up above I said I'm not living my life to the fullest so I'm changing that as I speak. These would be more like travel vlogs. I'm speaking this into existence that everything falls through.

I think that about wraps it up on my agenda that I have planned going forth with my little space. As you can see above I have a little word of the month for you guys and the mind, body, & soul goals will resume next month.

But I would love to know your thoughts and any other ideas you may have...... maybe a collaboration?  

Let's chat later *joanne the scammer voice*

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