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Everything will happen in due time but it never hurt anyone to plan ahead right? lol. So yea I currently still stay at home. Something I hate to share with other people because I feel that I should have been out and about on my own.... but that story is for a later blog post. 

But to make a long story short back 2012 when I lost my job I had to move back home and completely lost everything. I was kind of depressed about it and even now I'm not so much depressed but when I look at where I'm at now I still get a little down but I know in due time, my time will come. Everyone says don't rush it and that i'm lucky to even have parents that will let you move back in. I think to myself and realize that I am blessed and took this time to get back into school and just rebuild. 

Now 2017 is and with the job shifting I have paid off most of my debts, and finally getting somethings back on track. Hopefully before this year ends I will be back out on my own but all in GOD's timing. Definitely taking the "less is more" approach when it comes to my future home and especially after watching the documentary Minimalism: A documentary about the important things is really a eye opener and really makes you wonder on how much we spend money on things we don't need and how we are programmed to think we "need" the latest and greatest. Check out the documentary if you haven't already on netflix.

I've noticed as I was pinning away I have a thing for sectionals and canopy beds ok more like an addiction but you can check out my spaces board on Pinterest also where these images are from.

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