Hello February | Mind, Body, & Soul Goals

The first month of the year down, and we have 11 more to go. Just know it's never to late start on those goals. I've been in a very good mood lately and just been taking things one day at a time and not to stress the small stuff. Change is going to come rather you like it or not and that's what I'm learning.

The word for this month is:
Optimistic- (adj.) hopeful and confident of the future.

I choose this word for the month because I'm excited about where ever my two feet are taking me. I'm just playing along and working hard on my end and preparing myself for some changes I feel that will be coming sooner than I would like but I don't mind it at all.

Mind- Learning to power down.

After work each day I power down my mind to rest before I start my duties at home. I'm usually the person once I get off I keep on chugging at home with other duties that need to be down and by the end of the night before bed I'm more tired and mentally stressed than ever. So when I get home from work each day, I power down my mind. To give myself however much time I need to sort out the things that happened at work, the people that may have pissed me off lol, etc. Putting all those things behind me and starting over new with a new mental when I'm home prepping my meals, cleaning, homework, etc.

Body- Paying more attention.

When your body is reacting, you better listen! I wasn't listening and my body showed just that and I suffered the consequences. A high-cos hospital bill and spending more than a week off work using up my vacay days is not cool but this is what happens when you don't listen to what your body is telling you. I'm better now and thank GOD for insurance.... the bill wasn't too high but it still who wants to be stuck the hospital bill? 

Soul- Searching for a meaning.

I've been taking the time to do some soul searching more about myself and what exactly I want from life. While taking those mental notes I have swirling around in my head and putting those ideas and thoughts on paper I have realized I'm in a much happier place in life. I'm excited to where 2017 will take me and others around me. My circle has gotten real small and I never realized it until now. We outgrow people and other times priorities change and a lot of my friends have families of their own now so I'm still that one single with no kids friend lol. Not proud of it but hey it's just not my time I assume........ and I won't rush it either.

Any goals for this month your trying to achieve? What's your word for the month?

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