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Dubbing this post a #throwbackthursday. Also, I’m going to pat myself on the back because of two blog posts in one week and three for the month, like who am I lol? Hopefully, this won’t be short-lived but I’m going to try and keep them coming.

This post is long overdue but it’s like a year overdue. I had lost the pictures or thought I lost my pictures when I was clearing out my SD card but the whole entire time I had them saved onto my hard drive. I’m truly thankful. These pictures were from last year when I did a blogger meet-up with Disa and Setarra at Beetlecat. I miss those donuts something serious but I’m praying all of this will be over sooner than later but I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking for now. Anyways on to the post…… Setarra and her husband were visiting in Atlanta for the first time and it was only right that the three of us got together since this was a rare trifecta. Disa sent us the information for Beetlecat and next thing we knew we had plans to meet up for brunch on a Sunday. This was the first time ever I took a dive into blogging which some of you saw that vlog and again I appreciate the love from the video. If you have a channel, leave it in the comments so I can subscribe. Below you can check out the photos (which don’t do any of the food justice).

Catch ya’ll in my next post!

I love this group picture of us and Disa is a mother to a beautiful baby boy. Hope we can get together and brunch soon.

Check out the vlog below. Have a youtube channel? Drop the name below so I can follow and support it!

*all photos and vlog taken by me using the canon g7x mark ii

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