Pandemic Blues and Moving

So I said that I wanted to vlog more or just in general create/blog more. My attempt to do so when with this vlog that's like a month or so late but I have another vlog in the works in addition to some new posts coming soon too. If you haven't already make sure you are subscribed to my channel which I'm going to be posting more than just vlogs definitely have some other videos in the works.

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  1. I've been inside and homebound for so long that I forget Smoothie King even had a $5 Friday. LOL!
    And I can't wait to purchase the candles. I think it's a beautiful way to honor your Godmother.

    And kudos to you for tackling those student loans. You definitely don't need to be in a rush with moving out either. Those houses will be there. LOL! I still wish I would have stayed home a little bit longer to save more money. I can only imagine how that would have propelled me further much sooner, but it is what it is. I know you're wanting and missing your own space, and that's totally fair. Once you get a chance to be on your own, it's so freeing. LOL!

    Loved the Vlog! Can't wait to see more!

    1. Yes girl $5 smoothie is my go-to/pick me up every Friday. I'm in the testing stages now and so far so good I can't wait to share and really get things rolling.

      With this whole pandemic going on, I've really slowed down on the trying to move out and just continue to save up more. I keep getting caught in the "i'm in my 30's and had to move back home" and I really have to stop rushing it.

  2. Loved your vlog. Made me remember that I need to get my license updated with the 'star' too. And candle business! Yessssss, looking forward to your launch and supporting your business! And stay with your Mom for as long as you can make it work. I wish I had moved in with my folks post-grad and saved up/paid my debts off instead of trying to make it on my own/racking up more expenses in pursuit of 'independence'. Definitely a blessing to have that kind of support. You got this! xo

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