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 photos taken by:  Devin

photos taken by: Devin


HEY THERE! I welcome you to my little creative nook on the web where I share my life experiences to my other creative passions. I'm definitely a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal who considers herself a "food-technologist" ( like how I put that together huh? lol). I'm also a photographer who loves to document everything along with some blogging on the side. I'm just a creative urbanite who is infatuated with travel, minimalism, camera equipment, and most importantly my now growing relationship with my faith in GOD and his journey for me and other bits of life.


Along this journey I've realized being, staying, and keeping a positive attitude really does change around your whole day even when you're not having the best of days. Every lesson learned is a step in preparation for what's next in my story book. With everlasting dreams, goals, inspirations I know I'm set out to do great things because I'm speaking it into existence. Positively is key and I'm enlightened by all of life's possibilities. These are my intentions for starting this site & blog, a space for me to share everything from my perspective and more.