Hello October | Mind, Body, & Soul Goals


First off Happy Fall!! I know I'm late but hey better late than never and I think we all can appreciate this cooler weather coming into town. I'm so happy to be bringing these mind, body, and soul goals back to the blog. Oh and you know I have to keep the word of the month going also. If you read my update post, then I'm sure you can imagine all the madness both good and bad that has been taking place these past three of months. But you live, you learn, you move on and appreciate the lessons in between.

When I first started these goals, I received a lot of feedback on my transparency and the word of the month is something to keep myself accountable for that month with incorporating the previous words of the months. I would to keep this going and keep sharing among each other. Let's finish strong these last couple of months.

The word of the month is: humble (adj.) - having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance.

  • Mind- I graduated this past May with my Associate's then summer break blew by so fast and here I am at a new school pursuing my BA. Already 3 weeks into the semester and I'm kinda doubting myself, maybe I should have took this semester off, maybe the feeling of feeling overwhelmed, etc. While all these thoughts were swimming in my head I had to take literally sit down and take a deep breath and begin to write down all of what I'm feeling. I forgot how writing things down feel, especially for me not being the best communicator when it comes to my feelings but writing everything out help me put everything in a clearer perspective. NOTE TO SELF: stop overthinking and just go with the flow.
  • Body- Been lacking on the "workout" curve and my junk eating intake has increased times 5. So I started writing down recipes I would love to try and created a strict budget on buying food for me to cook home- cook meals and limit the eating out. The goal is to cook more home cook and limit eating out to two - three times a month. Impossible? Maybe but I think I'm up for the challenge.
  • Soul- Continuing to love my self and enjoying the person that I'm becoming or getting back to that old person I use to be but with a little twist.

In other news, I did another big chop. I'm number #4 when it comes to just chopping off my hair. The third time was back in February but of this year ended up letting it grow out a little because I wanted braids only to chop it off again two weeks ago and this time it's shorter than ever but I'm feeling it and not to mention the maintenance and my timing to get ready has been cut down a lot. Thank goodness for that.