How Did My 2017 Go?


Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year and keeping up with those goals so far. Better late than never and I noticed I tend to say that a lot but the statement is very true. I'm a little late starting off but as long as I start is all that matters right? I just hope I can stick to my goals for this year and fall off like I always. That will be the challenge.

I've definitely been M.I.A. and to be honest I just wasn't in a blogging mood these past two months especially due to being overloaded with school work and lack of motivation to do anything else extra, I just kinda of let this little nook on the web go. I hate when I can completely passionate about something and life or lack of inspiration just gets in the way. But during this past couple of weeks I've been in planning mode on an idea that I have had for the past year in half I'm going to finally manifest that thought in 2018. In 2018, I plan to merge my blog and photography into one site.

By Sanniyah Sloan will be no more as far as blog wise but will remain the same with the youtube channel. Oh yea, I'm conquering vlogging in 2018 and I'm kinda of scared and excited all at the same time.

2018 I want to present more of myself in front of the camera and not behind so much but more on that later but let's recap 2017 (*sidenote: I have no pictures to account for this year but I plan to change that.):

  • I cut my hair in Feb 2017, like bald short
  • I graduated in May with my Associates Degree
  • I got accepted into my all of my schools of choice: Howard, University of Houston, Clayton State, & NCAT. But I have a confession, I wish I would have made the move to DC work more and go to Howard that was my number one school of choice, but I'm still happy with Clayton State where I'm attending at now.
  • Paid off most of my student loans off, then accumulated more this semester going to Clayton State.
  • My grandma on my mom's side past and took it pretty hard; tell people how much you love them and be intentional with your thoughts and feelings.
  • I cut my hair again...... like bald short lol. If you follow me on snapchat you saw it first the day of and IG it was a couple of weeks later when I realized I didn't delete the video after all.
  • Passed this semester with one A and five B's. yes I took 5 classes this semester and I won't ever in life do that ever again.

Not that much of a big recap, but graduating this year was my biggest accomplishment yet for 2017. So 2018 I going to make more moves for myself and not feel bad about it. Cheers to 2018 but also remember the milestones in 2017. Have a Happy New Years ya'll!!

photo credit :  createherstock