Bad Girl, Good Human.


I didn’t really march to the beat of my own drum until after high school. After high school that’s when life hit me fast with the pressures of college and doing what everyone wanted me to do besides me, then you lose friends and gain some all while still trying to figure out your own identity out in the world. 

As I’m getting old I’m just simply starting to not “give a f***” about what others think or let those make me feel bad about how I feel. I was trying so hard to be someone I’m not and lost who I was during my younger years. I’m 30 years old now and more rebellious than ever but in a good way where I choose to live this beautiful life of mines the way GOD sees fit. I’m nowhere that I want to be but this is just the beginning.


Bad Girl, Good Human is a brand I resonate with and that describes me perfectly. I am pretty bad ass only with good intentions and in life I only wish for me and my friends to succeed and uplift other women along the way. Love this shirt as much as I do? You can purchase the tee here . Always be rebellious girl and don't let any shade your shine.