My Holy Grail of Foundations.


When I first started wearing make-up, I tried every single store brand product there was and my face continued to break out or I would have an allergic reaction. Mom then concluded that my skin is just like hers very sensitive when it came to store product make-up and that I would have invest in my make-up if I wanted to wear it. When it came to high end make-up the prices are scary. Like "how much for the little bottle of foundation?" scary. We all be there. Of course, I tried the beloved MAC cosmetics and after 3 years of wearing it, it too started to break me out and give me red rashes on my cheeks and I would break out into hives. I took a year off from wearing make-up until 2016 I started back and was on the search for the ideal foundation for my skin and that's WOC friendly. 



Becca’s Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation was the first new foundation that I tried and it was love at first sight. First off, I have very oily skin in my “T Zone” area which is pretty common for may black women and the rest of my skin is mostly a combination depending on the season. I love the matte look and never been the “dewy” type of girl. With this foundation it was perfect for my T Zone area and it doesn’t dry me out. This has definitely been my go-to for the spring and summer months since I’ve bought it and i definitely recommend it.



Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation is another one of my favs and another matte foundation. To admit I did buy it for two reasons yes because it is Rihanna’s brand and two I was pretty amazed at the color range and definitely wanted to check it out and I wasn’t let down at all. The name itself says it all “soft matte” so when applying to comes out watery and later on  oxidizes into your skin. For some may not like this but I haven’t had any bad experiences with it and I actually love the way it does oxidize into my skin. This is another foundation that I suggest you try or add to your collection.



Lastly, NARS Natural Radiant Finish Foundation. I have been sleeping on this brand hard. I wanted that one foundation that wasn’t matte, doesn’t give me the dewy look but just a nice natural finish. THIS FOUNDATION IS IT AND A MUST HAVE!!!! Another foundation to add or try out if you're looking for something new and I have to say is one has been to go to since I bought it. It's buildable if your want t go for a medium coverage to full coverage and it applies to skin really smoothly. I actually prefer to use a beauty sponge when applying this foundation instead of a brush. I have noticed a big difference when applying the with the sponge a little goes a long way and I can over my face with just 1 pump instead of 2-3 with my foundation brush.

In no way shape or form am I a beauty guru but I'm just a girl who loved make-up like the next and who enjoys a very nice minimal look when it comes to my make-up applications and I let my lipsticks do the talking when it comes to pop of color. If you try out these foundations, be sure to let me know which one you prefer also would you ladies like to see my "lipstick/lipgloss go tos" in a future post? Let me know down below.